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1. The backup method used to create data copies without interrupting I/O operations is


2. What tool could you use to test basic network connectivity?


3. Catalog configuration can be configured to email, which file to aid in catalog recovery?


4. What does Backup and Recovery mean?


5. What is the first role installed in NetBackup environment?


6. Which of the below is the most commonly used backup device


7. Some of the latest systems software encrypts that data when it is stored on the hard drive. Why is this done?


8. Which of the following techniques can be used for optimizing backed up data space?


9. NetBackup Catalog consists of


10. Which one of the following threats is not an external threat?


11. In NetBackup environment, where does the image database reside?


12. A company is worried about their own staff accidentally introducing computer viruses into their ICT system. Which one of the following would you recommend?


13. Configuration files in the NetBackup database includes


14. Internal threats to an ICT system _________?


15. Which one of the following statements about backup copies is false?


16. Which one of the following is not a type of backup?


17. In NetBackup, configuration files, image database & device information is stored in


18. Storage Unit in NetBackup Master server is


19. Backup operations means:


20. Which of these definitions best describes the meaning of backup copy?


21. Taking a backup of all the files on a system is called _____, which one of these?


22. The ability to run multiple backup jobs simultaneously to a single device is


23. The type of backup which only backs up those files that have changed since the last backup was taken is called?


24. The utility to uncompress NetBackup software on Linux platform is


25. To backup a server running Windows XP system, what policy type should be used


26. Backing up files using the Internet is useful because _______?


27. EMM Server is an abbreviation of


28. Which one of the following places would be the best place to keep a backup copy?


29. A collection of all backup data from a client is assembled into a single stream and written to tape or disk. What is this called?


30. When data is lost or damaged, it will need to be recovered. Which one of the following would not need to be considered as part of the recovery procedure?


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