NetBackup Practice Test – Set 2

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1. Which incremental schedule type generates more files per backup?


2. A disk pool is a ________________.


3. Which statement is true about client-side deduplication?


4. Which of the following is not a selection type of storage unit groups?


5. What can you use to determine the properties and characteristics of a drive, such as its name, host, and type (such as DLT)?


6. What is a logical destination for NetBackup client’s backup data?


7. When troubleshooting backup operation issues, which status code indicates that the start window was closed?


8. NetBackup commands can be used in UNIX shell or Windows batch scripts to perform reusable custom operations.


9. By default, restores can be initiated by an administrator from the Backup, Archive and Restore interface or by a user on a client machine.


10. To support spanning backups in basic disk storage unit groups, what needs to be performed?


11. What is the maximum number of policies that NetBackup can be configured to use?


12. Which statement is false about NetBackup deduplication?


13. Backups can be initiated by many methods. Which method does not apply?


14. Which statement is true regarding a policy?


15. Which statement is true about NetBackup OpsCenter?


16. What is device serialization?


17. What is the recommended method to configure devices into Media Manager?


18. Exclude dates are not available in frequency-based schedules.


19. A disk volume is a ____________.


20. Manual backups apply only to automatic schedules.


21. Which type of backup can be performed from a client machine by a user or script?


22. Which volume pool holds cleaning media?


23. In the case of a NetBackup appliance, which of the following is true of the storage server?


24. A restore using the Java BAR is being attempted. Care has been taken to select the appropriate source client, but no backup image content is displayed.

What could be a reason for this to happen?


25. Which restore method enables simplified search and retrieval across multiple NetBackup domains?


26. Which statement is true about OpsCenter?


27. True or False. To create a load balancing media server, you must first configure it as a storage server.


28. Which statement or statements describe the Scratch volume pool?


29. Which host types are supported in a Standard policy?


30. What are considerations in data protection planning?


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