NetBackup Practice Test – Set 4

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1. Which two methods are used to automate duplication in NetBackup? (Select two.)


2. Which two catalog components contain information on what has been backed up and its metadata in NetBackup? (Select two.)


3. A job fails with the following message:

Error bpbrm (pid=5942) Cannot connect to Info bpbkar (pid=0) done. status: 58: can’t connect to client

The administrator verifies the default OS host name resolution order is in place in all the environments, but finds an incorrect entry for the client in the media server’s hosts file and corrects it. The hosts file on the client is properly configured. The administrator restarts the job, but the job fails with the same error message.

Which action should the administrator perform to ensure the job completes successfully?


4. Which statement is correct?


5. Which of the following can you not do with Logging Assistant?


6. An administrator must recover an expired image from a tape where only one remaining copy exists and there are other unexpired images on the tape.

How should the administrator locate the tape which contains the image?


7. An administrator of a multi-site, multi-domain NetBackup environment wants to be able to provide redundancy for backups as well as protecting the NetBackup image database. All backups must have on-site and off-site copies in multiple NetBackup domains as well as off-site tape copies.

Which NetBackup feature should the administrator use to implement the functionality?


8. Which statement best describes the nbcplogs utility?


9. The nbemmcmd -getemmserver command on a new NetBackup media server produces the error displayed below.

Failed to initialize EMM connection. Which two steps are used to diagnose the issue? (Select two.)


10. Which command can be used to recover the NBDB from the staging location?


11. What is in the Backup Selections list for an Oracle backup policy?


12. The NetBackup Resource Broker (NBRB) maintains resource requests for jobs that are queued.

Which two criteria does NBRB use to evaluate the resource requests and provide resources to each job sequentially? (Select two.)


13. A BasicDisk storage unit is 500GB and is running out of space.

The disk and file system is resized to 800GB. What must occur to use this new disk space?


14. Which of the following statements about block level incremental backups (BLIB) is correct?


15. Which two pools are created by default in NetBackup? (Select two.)


16. Which command starts the NetBackup services on Windows?


17. Which statement about Microsoft Exchange backups is true in NetBackup?


18. What is the correct order in which to configure deduplication storage in NetBackup?


19. Which NetBackup utility should an administrator use to determine real-time I/O performance of the appliance storage?


20. A tape containing valid backup images is damaged and is unusable. The administrator removes the tape from the robot to avoid trying to use it again for backup or restore operations.

Which two tasks should the administrator perform next? (Select two.)


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