CommVault Advanced Infrastructure Lab

Lab Setup details:

  • 1 x Windows CommServe Server
  • 2 x Windows Media Agent Server for Partition DeDeupe (for Deduplication configuration)
  • 1 x Windows Client Server (for File Backup & Restore Testing)
  • 1 x VMware Esxi Host running 2 VMs (for VM Backup & Restore Testing)
  • 1 x SQL Database Server (for DB Backup & Restore Testing)
  • 1 x Microsoft Exchange Server (for Email Backup & Restore Testing)
  • 1 x Standby Server for CommServe DR

Price $130 per week


  • Above infrastructure is provided on weekly rental basis along with Software and License keys
  • Users can deploy additional software for testing purpose such as VTL or Applications on their own
  • Lab support will be provided via Email ( & WhatsApp +91 9676515728
  • Lab slot to be reserved at least 4 working days prior to required access
  • Payment can be made via UPI or PayPal
  • For additional details email to