CommCell Overview & Basic Components

CommVault Overview

Here I have listed a quick overview on how CommVault environment works and components that are required to setup the base CommCell.

A CommCell environment is the logical grouping of all software components that protect, move, store, and manage data and information. A CommCell environment contains one CommServe host, one or more MediaAgents, and one or more clients.

Below are the Basic components that are part of your commcell.

  1. CommServe

The CommServe host is the central management component of the CommCell environment. It coordinates and executes all CommCell operations, maintaining Microsoft SQL Server databases that contain all configuration, security, and operational history for the CommCell environment.

There can be only one CommServe host in a CommCell environment.

2. MediaAgent

The MediaAgent is the data transmission manager in the CommCell environment. It provides high performance data movement and manages the data storage libraries. The CommServe server coordinates MediaAgent tasks.

3. Client

A client is a logical grouping of the software agents that facilitate the protection, management, and movement of data associated with the client.

4. Agent

An agent is a software module that is installed on a client computer to protect a specific type of data. Different agent software is available to manage different data types on a client, for example, Windows file system data and Oracle databases. Agent software can be installed in physical, virtual, and clustered environments, and may be installed either on the computer or on a proxy server.

5. CommCell Console

The CommCell Console is the central management user interface for managing the CommCell environment – monitoring and controlling active jobs, and viewing events related to all activities. The CommCell Console allows centralized and decentralized organizations to manage all data movement activities through a single, common interface.

6. Workflow Engine

Workflow is a tool that automates business processes by putting together a set of tasks in a specific order. Workflows help you automate both CommCell tasks and external tasks.