CommVault Best Practices – Naming Conventions

Every time I am at a client place for Deployment or Consulting on CommVault Platform, there is always a question on the Naming convention for storage policies, schedules, reports and disk libraries to easy identify and manage them.


Clients also face a challenge in data audit and DR drills, hence I decide to put together few points for quick reference which are widely applicable to most of the clients requirements.


Storage Policies

Name by their data type, scope of coverage, and streams

eg: Exchange Database 2; File System 10; Accounting Department 4; Web Servers 2



Name by Type, Capacity(GB, or Drive/Slots), and/or location

eg: 800GB  Disk_NAS (New Yortk); 5/80 DLT (DataCenter)



Name by purpose, coverage, and/or pattern

eg: Daily Readiness – Web Servers; Weekly Spare Media; Weekly Media Retention or Long Term Archive


Schedule Policies

Name by purpose, or based on Recurring

eg: Web Servers, 8PM, Daily or DB_SQL, 10PM, FULL


Storage Policy Copies

Name of the Purpose or Based on Retention Period

eg: Secondary copy, Vault Copy, Onsite or Off Site Copy, 1 Year Retention