CommVault New Features v11 SP14

CommVault V11 SP 14 New Features


CommVault has been adding new features and doing lot of changes with every service pack release, keeping track of this information sometimes becomes a bit tidy and confusing.


I have just put together the latest Version 11 SP14 features as one of my clients requested a checklist. Thought of sharing the same here in my blog here.


New Features:

  1. Cloud Apps and Big Data
  2. You can now Erase Data from Amazon S3 depending on the retention of disposition requirements.
  3. Backup up Amazon S3 Data using AWS File Gateway
  4. Erase Data support for Azure Blog Storage
  5. MySQL & PostgreSQL support for Alibaba Cloud Services


  1. Data Management
  2. Tool for SIDB2 Secondary file compaction with deduplication enabled


  1. Database Agents
  2. Resync RMAN catalog using a schedule
  3. Retention Rules for Oracle Backup that use Tape Library
  4. Command Center Support for Oracle RAC Databases
  5. SAP HANA now has verification job for backups before Restore Operation
  6. Azure Snapshot support available for SAP HANA / SAP Oracle


  1. Deployment – a specific service pack or hotfix can be downloaded directly from CommCell Console


  1. Disaster Recovery


  1. Quick CommServe recovery using the HA feature also referred as CommServe LiveSync
  2. Backup Agents
  3. Hadoop Agent now has Azure support
  4. Active Directory object backup using Command Center
  5. Exchange Agent has new features such as Entity Detection, Migration to Office 365


  1. Tools & Utilities
  2. Developer SDK for Python
  3. REST API now has File integrity check during uploads