CommVault Tools & Utilities

Administration Tools available in CommVault


Here is the list of useful Admin Tools that are available in CommVault

DBMaintenance Utility Overview

You can use the DBMaintenance utility to perform the following tasks on the CommServe database:


  • Check the database for inconsistencies
  • Re-index all database tables
  • Shrink the database

Troubleshoot Queries

  • Find long running and high CPU utilization queries
  • Find blocking chains
  • Find deadlocks




The GXHSMUtility is used to view, copy or move stub files without triggering file recall(s).

The GXHSMUtility tool, available in the Base folder of the File Archiver for Windows install directory, must be run on the machine where File Archiver is installed.


GxTail Overview

GxTail is a tool for troubleshooting Commvault jobs by analyzing log files. Many GxTail features, such as filtering out messages that are less relevant, reduce debugging time.

The GxTail tool is located on any Windows computer where the Commvault software is installed. To run the tool, navigate to the Installation_Directory/Base folder and click GxTail.exe.


Disk Performance Tool

 Disk Performance tool can be used to test the performance of read, write operations on a disk to evaluate if the disk meets the IO requirements.

When you run this tool, you can specify the following settings:

  • Read and write modes, such as sequential or random access.
  • Parameters, such as block size for a file system or block count or file count or thread count.


Recovery Assistant Tool

This tool is used to partially recovery or do a full restore for CommServe.

It is located install_path\commvault\contentstore\base folder.

Double click to run CSRecoveryAssistant.exe


CVPing & CVIPInfo Tool

This tools are used to perform Network Connectivity test between CommServe & Clients.