Difference between File System Core & File System Agent

I have put together below a brief difference between the CommVault File System Core & File System Agent.


File System Core

Base package which establishes connections between the client computer and the CommServe database.

Provides the ability to perform laptop backups and restores.


File System Agent

Provides advanced features to protect the file system data, which include:

  • All backup and restore capabilities, such as IntelliSnap backups.
  • Ability to generate Discovery and File Level Analytics reports.
  • Ability to perform 1-Touch and OnePass operations.

Regardless of the installation method, the File System Core package is automatically included in the installation.


CVD port for CommCell communication

By default, CVD uses port number 8400. If the port number is used by other applications, or if you plan to install a new Commvault instance, select a port number that is between 1024 and 65000.