How to NetBackup for Exchange Backup

List of Task for configuration of NBU for Exchange

High Level overview….

• Configuring a NetBackup service account for Microsoft Exchange backups.
• Installing and configuring NFS services.
• Configuring a NetBackup policy to back up Microsoft Exchange.
• Performing backups using the Exchange policy.
• Recovering an Exchange database and an individual mail message.


Install Outlook 2010 on AD server and configure a mailbox for sending/ receive test messages

1. verify NBU license for exchange
2. create NBU service user in Active Directory
3. Add NBU user with Domain Users & Organization Management objects
4. Go to Exchange management and create a new mailbox for NBU User
5. Configure NFS service on NBmaster / Media Server – add role of file service
6. right click File services and install NFS
7. configure the NetBackup Client Service Log on for NetBackup User
8. Restart NetBackup Client service
9. Use Command Prompt to set “sc config portmap start= auto”
10. Configure NBU policy with snapshot & granular recovery selected
11. Backup selection value “Microsoft Information Store”
12. Run manual backup