Ports used in NetBackup

 Ports used by NetBackup


NetBackup default ports

VERITAS_PBX1556Veritas Private Branch Exchange Service
VNETD13724NetBackup Network service


NetBackup master server ports


Master serverMedia serverVERITAS_PBX1556
Master serverMedia serverVNETD137241
Master serverClientVERITAS_PBX1556
Master serverClientVNETD13724 1
Master serverJava serverVERITAS_PBX1556
Master serverNetwareVNETD13724
Master serverNetwareBPCD13782



NetBackup media server ports


Media serverMaster serverVERITAS_PBX1556
Media serverMaster serverVNETD13724 **
Media serverMedia serverVERITAS_PBX1556
Media serverMedia serverVNETD13724 **
Media serverClientVERITAS_PBX1556
Media serverClientVNETD13724 **
Media serverMSDP serverDeduplication 10102 Manager (spad)10102
Media serverMSDP serverDeduplication Engine (spoold)10082
Media serverNetware clientVNETD13724
Media serverNetware clientBPCD13782



NetBackup client ports



ClientMaster serverVERITAS_PBX1556
ClientMaster serverVNETD13724 *
ClientMedia serverVERITAS_PBX1556
ClientMedia serverVNETD13724 * *
ClientMSDP serverDeduplication Manager (spad)10102
ClientMSDP serverDeduplication Engine (spoold)10082



Configuring ports for the NetBackup Web Services


Port setHTTPS portShutdown port
First set84438205
Second set85538305
Third set86638405


NetBackup VMware ports

The TCP ports 443 and 902 are required to access the VMware infrastructure, as follows:

443NetBackup connects to TCP port 443 on the following VMware components:

  • On the vCenter server for VM discovery requests, snapshot creation and deletion, vSphere Tag associations, and so on.
  • On the vSphere Platform Services Controller (PSC) to discover, back up and restore vSphere Tag associations.

NetBackup connects to the vSphere Platform Services Controller (PSC) in vSphere 6.0 and later.

902TCP port 902 is required when:

  • You use HotAdd/NBD/NBDSSL transport for backups and restore.
  • Restores are done through Restore ESX server bypassing the vCenter server.