Steps to setup Web Server User & Group in NetBackup

Beginning with NetBackup 8.0, the NetBackup master server includes a configured web server to support critical backup operations. This web server operates under user account elements with limited privileges. These user account elements must be available on each master server (or each node of a clustered master server).

Linux and non-AIX UNIX:
To create the local group, enter the following: # groupadd nbwebgrp
To create the local user account, enter the following: # useradd -g nbwebgrp -c ‘NetBackup Web Services account’ -d /usr/openv/wmc nbwebsvc

1. Create a local user account
C:\>net user nbwebsvc /add

2. Create a local group:
C:\>net localgroup nbwebgrp /add

3. Make the user a member of the group:
C:\>net localgroup nbwebgrp nbwebsvc /add

4. Grant the Log on as a service right to the user:
Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy
Under Security Settings, click Local Policies and then User Rights Assignment
Right-click on Log on as a service and select Properties
Add the local user. The default local user name is “nbwebsvc”.
Save your changes and close the “Log on as a service” Properties dialog.
The installation of NetBackup Master Server will fail if any of these requirements are not met. On Windows, you will be asked to provide the password for the user account as part of the installation process.

You must use domain accounts in clustered environments on Windows.