Using NetBackup Support Utility tool (NBSU)

NBSU is a Veritas utility used to gather diagnostic information about the system on which the utility is run. By default, NBSU gathers appropriate diagnostic information based on the Operating System and NetBackup environment.

The refactored NBSU has been tested to maintain parity with the most recent released NBU 8.1.

This can still be run and collect information, so can be considered a workaround if NBSU encounters any issue.

The same as previous versions NBSU should be run as super-user (root or Administrator).

The nbsu utility is located in the following location:
UNIX: /netbackup/bin/support
For example: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/support
Windows: \NetBackup\bin\support
For example: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\support

this is the same regardless of the role of the machine, either Primary server, Media server or Client

If there are no command line options specified,

NBSU selects and runs all appropriate diagnostics and gathers all available information.

The flags mentioned below are all optional.

You can run: nbsu -help to view the usage.

Standard output

NBSU is run, the standard output looks something like the following:

NBU Install path: C:\Program Files\Veritas\
mywindowsvm is a master server
Collecting NBU_adv_disk info
Collecting NBU_all_log_entries info
Collecting NBU_altnames info
Collecting NBU_auth_methods_names info
Collecting NBU_available_media info
Collecting NBU_backup_status info
Collecting NBU_bpclient info
Collecting OS_filesystem info
Collecting OS_process_list info
Collecting OS_set info
CAB file created successfully.

Final NBSU output located at
The execution time : 662.53431