Backup DR Checklist

Which Backup / DR Tool is Right?

So many backup & DR vendors out there, which one suits your business needs. This question has been posted to me every time I step into a knowledge transfer session or a client meeting.


As a consultant I always had challenge in adopting a vendor neutral approach and at the same time mapping client’s needs to various tools.

Below I have put together few points that would assist in deciding a right Backup & DR tools.

General requirements of client are as follows:

  1. Protect all data (Datacenter, Edge)
  2. Minimize RTO
  3. Achieve Near Zero RPO ( Data Loss)
  4. Cloud based DR (cost effective & On Demand)
  5. Easy to Test, Report and Support (DR Drills)

Every above objective of client needs more in detail planning to see which technology will meet their requirements. Few of the commonly used features are

  1. Standardize on data protection solution to protect all assets centrally.
  2. Intuitive User Interface, ease of management & Policy driven.
  3. Utilize storage optimization features such as Deduplication & compression to reduce the backup data foot print.
  4. Built in integration with cloud & REST API for automation.
  5. Automatic Ransonware detection & correction.
  6. Documented SLA / BC procedures.
  7. Automated Testing or Regular DR Test.
  8. Intensive Reporting Module to include Audit & Compliance information.

Hope this checklist will help you in a quick start for your right Backup / DR Tools.