Accessing S3 Object Storage on Cohesity Cluster

First Download & Install the s3 Browser from Download S3 Browser for Windows

Collect the user access key & secret key as below from Cohesity UI

Use the Cohesity Dashboard

Log in to the Cohesity Dashboard and navigate to Admin > Access Management > Users & Groups > User(s) Name > Cohesity S3 Access Keys.

User-added image
Open S3 Browser and configure as below to access the S3 object storage on Cohesity
  1. Open S3 Browser
  2. Go to Accounts > Add New Account
  3. Fill out the following fields
    • Account Name :  Any value.
    • Account Type : Set to S3 Compatible Storage.
    • REST Endpoint :  <Cohesity Cluster FQDN or IP>:3000
    • Access key ID and Secret Access Key: These are retrievd from the Cohesity cluster.
    • Select Use secure transfer (SSL/TLS).
  4. Click on Add new account

Sample screenshot:

Now Write some files to test the write access to Object storage.