Cohesity Data Protection – Post Assessment

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1. Replication and Archive can be configured where?


2. What should you check when troubleshooting ESXi backups?


3. When creating a replication pairing, what other features can you enable?


4. You can download CloudArchive data to any Cohesity cluster.


5. What can you recover from a VM backup?


6. You must configure the Cohesity cluster replication pairing on both ends before you can perform any replication.


7. CloudArchive data is not sent to the external target unit after the Backup Task completes.


8. What Cohesity feature is typically used to replace tape?


9. Views are automatically protected.


10. Application Consistent Backups are Enabled by default.


11. You can replicate data to multiple Cohesity clusters and external targets within the same Protection Policy.


12. You can register either a VMware ESXi host and/or a vCenter server.


13. What does RTO stand for?


14. Replication can be configured at which of the following layers of a Cohesity cluster?


15. Cohesity supports the following View protocols:


16. During a recovery operation, Cohesity instructs ESXi to mount a temporary View which is used to access files needed for recovery.


17. Where would you find which versions of vSphere that Cohesity supports?


18. Which TWO locations can archive options be set?


19. When recovering a Protection Job to an alternate location the following is required:


20. Does the Windows Cohesity Agent require a reboot after installation?


21. To replicate just a single protection job what must you update? Assume the replication pairing has already been created.


22. You can configure the following at the Storage Domain Level:


23. Which Cohesity menu item do you select to configure a replication pairing?


24. What do you call the destination that you “archive” or tier data to?


25. CloudArchive stores both the backup metadata  and data in the external target.


26. Which of the following fields MUST be specified in order to create a new View? (Excluding advanced options)


27. Erasure Coding can be configured at the Storage Domain Level.


28. What are some of the options you have when recovering a VM?


29. VM backups jobs are indexed by default.


30. When backing up a VM without the Cohesity Agent, any attached RMS’s will also be protected.


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