How to download and user Iris CLI in Cohesity

Download iris_cli

Download the appropriate CLI executable for your Operating System using one of the following methods:

  • Download from the Cohesity Dashboard.

1. In the Cohesity Dashboard, click Download CLI located in the bottom right footer.
2. Find the appropriate Cohesity DataPlatform CLI for your Operating System and click Download (Download icon).

  • Download over HTTP:
  1. Paste one of the following URLs into a web browser. Specify NodeIP as the IP address of a node in the Cohesity cluster.
Mac OS Xhttp://<NodeIP>/files/bin/cli/darwin-x86_64/iris_cli
  1. Download a Cohesity DataPlatform CLI executable from one of the following URLs on the Cohesity cluster.

Note: After download, assign execute permissions to the iris_cli file with the bash shell command ​​​chmod 755 iris_cli.  

Mac OS Xcurl -o iris_cli

Note: After download, assign execute permissions to the iris_cli file with the bash shell command ​​​chmod 755 iris_cli.  

From Windows PowerShell:
PowerShell> wget

Launch the iris_cli through a Remote Client

Start an OS terminal or command prompt and change directories to the location of the CLI executable. Then change the permissions on the iris_cli binary and provide execute permissions, if needed.

Note: In the following commands, a single quote character must be placed around the password when it contains special characters.

  • Linux: 
./iris_cli -server=<Cluster DNS name or IP address> -username=<username> -password='<password>’

./iris_cli -server= -username=<username> -password=’cohesity_pass’

  • Mac OS X:
./iris_cli -server=<Cluster DNS name or IP address> -username=<username> -password='<password>’

./iris_cli -server= -username=<username> -password=’cohesity_pass’

  • Windows:
.\iris_cli.exe -server=<Cluster DNS name or IP address> -username=<username> -password='<password>’

.\iris_cli.exe -server= -username=<username> -password=’cohesity_pass’

You will be logged into the Iris CLI, and the admin prompt is displayed.

iris_cli, Version: 6.4.1_release-20191219_aafe3274
Host: sre-cluster01-node-3,
Cluster Server:

Launch iris_cli Locally from a Node

You can run the Cohesity DataPlatform CLI directly on the Cohesity cluster.

Cohesity Release 6.5.1b and Later


The cohesity user account is removed for logins. Cohesity introduces a new support user for improved security.  You need to use the support user account to log into the Cohesity DataPlatform bash shell using SSH.

By default, the support user account is disabled on the Cohesity DataPlatform node that is part of a Cohesity cluster. You need to enable the support user account by setting a password for the user account in the Cohesity Dashboard. Also, you can enable or disable linux sudo access for the support user account.

To enable or disable linux sudo access, ensure that the local user account is configured with Manage Linux user sudo access privilege.

  1. Get the IP address for any Node in the Cluster. You can get the list of IP addresses in the Cohesity Dashboard by selecting Settings > Cluster > Summary and selecting the Nodes tab.
  2. On your computer, log in to the Cohesity cluster using the ssh command with the user support and specify the IP address.ssh support@
  3. If prompted, enter the password.[support@’s password:

    The bash shell prompt is displayed.

Cohesity Release 6.5.1a and Earlier

  1. To log into the Cohesity cluster, use the DNS Name or IP that is used to browse into the cluster UI. The Iris CLI also can be accessed from the IPMI remote console (IPMI, iLO, CIMC or iDRAC depending on the hardware vendor) of the node.
  1. On your computer, log in to the Cohesity cluster using the ssh command or PuTTY with the user cohesity and specify the IP address or DNS name of the cluster. Alternately, you can log into the cluster console from the IPMI remote console.
    ssh cohesity@
  2. When prompted, enter the password for the cohesity user. Note: This password refers to the console password used to login to a node and not the credentials for the Cohesity Dashboard.
    [cohesity@’s password:The cohesity_shell prompt is displayed.
  3. Log in to the Iris CLI using the Cohesity Dashboard credentials:
    cohesity_shell# iris_cli -username=cohesity_user -password=’cohesity_pass’The admin prompt is displayed. You are ready to run Iris CLI commands.