How to Install Cohesity OS on new Node using USB Flash Drive

Apply the following procedure to each node and then create the Cluster.

  1. Create the USB drive as described in the following KB articles:
  2. Insert the USB drive into the Cohesity node you want to image and power on or reboot the node.
  3. Let the node boot. At the POST screen, press [F6] to enter the Boot menu.
  4. If prompted for a password, enter Admin.
  5. If you do not see your USB drive listed in the Boot menu, use the following steps before proceeding to step 5. Otherwise, proceed directly to step 5.
    1. From the Boot menu, scroll down to the Setup option and press [ENTER].
    2. In the BIOS Setup screen, navigate to Advanced >USB Configuration.
    3. In the USB Configuration menu, scroll down to the Make USB Devices Non-Bootable option and disable it.
    4. Press [F10] to save your BIOS change and exit the Setup menu.
    5. The node will reboot.  At the POST screen, press [F6] to enter the boot menu again and confirm the USB device is listed.
  6. Select your USB drive in the boot menu and press [ENTER].
  7. At the Kickstart menu, press [ENTER].  The boot image will load.
  1. Within one minute, enter DESTROY and then press [ENTER] to proceed with the re-image process.
  1. Confirm the node re-images from the USB drive and automatically reboots, which might take up to 10 minutes to complete.
  1. After the reboot, remove the USB drive.