How to Shutdown Cohesity cluster

Steps to shutdown cluster

Verify the cluster’s health and confirm a healthy state to shut down the cluster.
Note: Shutting down a cluster is a disruptive operation and stops all IO.

  1. Verify the current status and health of the cluster.
    • On the cluster, CLI or GUI, verify the current health and physical condition of the cluster.
  2. Shut the services down gracefully using the below command.
    iris_cli cluster stop
  3. Shut the nodes down individually, either use IPMI to power off the nodes or run on each node after logging on to the node using ssh command.
    ssh <node IP>
  4. Perform any maintenance or physical changes after shut down operation.

After the maintenance activity, bring the cluster online by powering on the nodes.

  1. Make any Network or re-ip adjustments if needed.
  2. Once all the nodes are powered on and can communicate on the network, execute the following command on any node to start the cluster.
    iris_cli cluster start
  3. Wait for 15 minutes and verify all the current health conditions.