How to decrease the CVM memory in Nutanix Cluster.

How to decrease the CVM memory in Nutanix Cluster.


By default when you deploy Nutanix CE, CVM is configured with 16 GB RAM. You can verify this by logging into Prism and navigating to Home > VM view.


Or you can SSH to AHV host and type command : virsh dominfo

Now suppose you allocated 20 GB RAM to the VM where Nutanix CE is installed, CVM will consume 16 GB out of it, leaving only 4 GB for the AHV host. But we can reduce CVM memory to 12G or 8G for lab purpose.

Follow below steps to change CVM memory.

1: Connect to CVM via ssh and stop cluster by executing command: cluster stop


Wait for clean shutdown of cluster


2: Once cluster is stopped on CVM, connect to AHV host via SSH and run command: virsh list –all to fetch CVM name


Additionally you can run command : virsh dominfo to see details of CVM


3: Stop CVM by typing command: virsh shutdown <cvm name>


4: Reduce CVM memory by typing below commands:

  • virsh setmem  12G –config
  • virsh setmaxmem  12G –config


Verify that new memory settings have applied.


5: Start CVM by typing: virsh start <cvm name>


6: Start cluster on CVM

Wait for couple of minutes for CVM to boot up and then connect back via SSH and start the cluster by typing command: cluster start

Once cluster is started, verify that you can login to Prism and check the updated memory.