NetApp HCI Post Assessment

This is a NetApp HCI Training Post Assessment

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1. Hosts connect to volumes by using which type of address?


2. When you install a new storage node in an H410 chassis, what must you add?


3. When does the cluster fullness error message appear?


4. Where can you find a backup software release that is compatible with a specific release of NetApp Element software?


5. Before you clone a volume, you must first manually create a snapshot of the volume.


6. When a volume is deleted, what happens to the data in the volume?


7. Which two items are added to an access group? (Choose two)


8. The minimum configuration requires two chassis populated with at least eight nodes of any type.


9. Which node type requires six SSDs installed in the drive slots?


10. Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) passwords are configured for which item?


11. Which Element software administrative account type has the highest level of access and is created when the cluster is created?


12. Which statement best describes a volume snapshot?


13. Which security feature provides volume access control and authentication?


14. Which type of IP address does an administrator use to connect the iSCSI Software Initiator to a volume?


15. Which NetApp HCI data fabric integration provides file services?


16. Which QoS parameter uses credits?


17. Which statement accurately describes node expansion?


18. Which upgrade path requires a node removal when the upgrade is performed?


19. Which statement describes volume access control as configured by the NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE)?


20. Access groups contain which two objects? (Choose two)


21. Which NetApp HCI integration can be used to provide cross-platform failover for disaster recovery?


22. Which IP address does a cluster administrator use to access the web interface from a browser?


23. Which NetApp Element Plug-in for VMware vCenter server feature is available for datastores?


24. Before a write can safely be acknowledged to the host, what must occur?


25. The NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server enables a datastore to be cloned or replicated to another storage cluster.


26. Which comprehensive monitoring feature provides proactive cloud-based support?


27. Which statement describes compute nodes in a NetApp HCI appliance chassis?


28. Which statement describes the result when a node is added to a cluster?


29. Into which two extensions points is the Element Plug-in for vCenter split? (Choose two)


30. Which statement best describes the management node?


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