Nutanix Guest VM Not Booting

Nutanix CE Guest VM Not Booting

After creating the VM if it gets hang at the SeaBIOS screen as below.

Follow the procedure below to resolve the CPU compatibility issue.


Login to you host IP via putty using username: root and password: nutanix/4u

First, edit the following file: using vi editor command


Create a backup of the default.xml file before making changes.


Edit the default.xml file and underneath the features section, add the line:


<pmu state=’off’ />


to save the vi editor after changes use – :wq and Enter


The next file that needs to be updated is located here:

/var/cache/libvirt/qemu/capabilities/<your number>.xml

Again, first, backup your existing file before editing.

Creating a backup of the yournumber.xml file before editing


Basically, in the qemu capabilities file, you are simply removing the existing pc-i440fx-rhel7.2.0 file and renaming the pc-i440fx-rhel7.3.0 to 7.2.0. My file looked like the following before making the changes.

to save the vi editor after changes use – :wq and Enter

After making the changes to the two files needed, initiate a reboot of the Nutanix CVM and host. This is found under the Settings > Reboot menu in Prism.

Reboot the Nutanix CE CVM and host via putty after making the file changes