NBU MT Course Knowledge Check – Set 1

1. Which command is used to produce human‐readable information from unified logs?


2. Which of the following is not a function of the Duplication Manager used for storage
lifecycle policies?


3. Which of the following statements about RBAC is correct?


4. Which of the following is used to make changes to any MSDP configuration file?


5. Policy validation fails with the error as displayed on the slide, if using WMI method and VM configuration
version is not greater than 5.0.


6. Which of the following message types in unified logging cannot be disabled?


7. Every legacy log can have its verbose and rollover levels adjusted individually.


8. Using VxUpdate, you can upgrade NetBackup 7.6 clients.


9. Where does NetBackup get the path to the data, index, and transaction log for the relational database?


10. What is the name of the NetBackup relational database?


11. Which option or options can be set to reduce space utilization by accumulating log files?


12. NetBackup use x509v3 certificates.


13. From the 8.2 release, NetBackup supports Cloud‐based storage providers using a variety of technology


14. Which process is involved in the process flow of snapshot‐related backups that is not involved in backups
without snapshots?


15. Which vxlogview display (-d) options would you use to display the: process ID, date,
and timestamp?


16. When using the troubleshooting methodology, which of the following is part of
observing a new problem?


17. Which of the following is a cause of a Auto Image Replication issue?


18. Which of the following is true about MSDP queue processing?


19. CRLs must ALWAYS be present, or connections will fail (no exceptions).


20. The NetBackup Web user interface connects to Veritas Smart Meter to view and manage
NetBackup licensing.


21. How is an online backup of the relational database accomplished?


22. Agentless recovery requires:


23. When problem recreation is required, Logging Assistant can simplify the pre‐ and poststeps.


24. Most of the OST vendors have their own plug‐in logging in addition to what is logged within the
NetBackup logs.


25. When using the troubleshooting methodology, which of the following is where the
potential fix is verified?


26. _________ checkpoints capture the state, data, and hardware configuration of a running virtual machine
and are intended for use in development and test scenarios.


27. Which of the following is false regarding Auto Image Replication?


28. Which process allows nbpem and nbjm to get information from the master server


29. Which status code indicates a backup is partially successful?


30. ________ is a process involved in automatic VM selection, and has a unified log with originator ID 366.


31. Legacy logs are standard ASCII files that can be read using a simple text editor.


32. NetBackup 8.2 support the database if it is installed or upgraded on a btrfs file system.


33. Which command is used to adjust the verbose level of debug messages in the unified


34. Which of the following tools provides information about the operating system, network,
and NetBackup environment?


35. Which daemon or service is responsible for generating a work list for backups, showing
when jobs are scheduled to run?



36. The credentials provided when configuring an agentless recovery:


37. During a client‐side deduplication backup, which process uses a fingerprint cache to
determine unique segments?


38. Which of the following is not useful in troubleshooting a storage lifecycle policy without
Auto Image Replication?


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