Dell EMC VNX Command Line Interface

The VNX for File Command Line Interface (CLI) is one of the most versatile VNX for File management tools. Most of the administrative tasks can be completed via the CLI. The administrator can configure file systems, failover, disaster recovery solutions, virus checking, network interfaces, network topologies, replications requirements, and mount and export file systems, using the CLI.

A powerful CLI function is for the scripting of common repetitive tasks that may run on a pre-determined schedule to ease administrative burden.

The command line can be accessed on the Control Station via the serial console, or SSH.


The Data Movers do not have a CLI.


There is a total of five different sets of commands, which are listed below:

• cel_ commands execute to the remotely-linked VNX for File system
• cs_ commands execute to the local Control Station
• fs_ commands execute to the specified file system
• nas_ commands execute directly to the Control Station database
• server_ commands require a “movername” entry and execute directly to a Data Mover. (For example, server_ifconfig server_2…)


Some VNX Commands examples