EMC Isilon Overview

Technical Overview of EMC Isilon


Isilon is a scale out NAS solution offered by EMC.

It OneFS Operating system has three components

  1. File System
  2. Volume Manager
  3. Data Protection

Isilon Nodes work as a Cluster to offer scale out NAS functionality, each node contains memory, CPU, networking, NVRAM, disk controllers and storage media.

The cluster starts with as few as three nodes and can scale upto 144 nodes. There is no built-in limit on the number of nodes that can be included in the cluster, it depends on the infrastructure you are setting up, and however I suggest you to check the release notes of the latest version to understand the maximum values.

OneFs is also available as software which you can download to setup your own lab on VMware’s ESXi hypervisor.

OneFs Software is built on BSD-based Unix foundation. It supports both Linux/Unix and Windows natively. As of OneFS version 8.0 the underlying OS is FreeBSD 10.