How to reset VNXe password



Procedure to reset service password and admin password on VNXe.




Follow these steps to reset service password and admin password on VNXe.

  1. On the back of the disk processor enclosure, locate the password reset button on either Storage Processor. It’s located in a small hole and label below shows ‘two triangles pointing at each other’.
  2. Using a pen or a paper clip or similar blunt object, press and hold the password reset button (approximately 1 to 2 seconds) until the fault LED flashes blue. You only need to press the button on one of the storage processors (SPs). Approximately two minutes later, the Fault LED turns steady blue.


Please Note : Be careful !!  Pressing the reset button for more than 10 seconds will reset (reboot) the storage processor.

3.    Connect to VNXe using a browser and logon as admin with default password.

The default password for admin account is Password123# and the default password for service account is service.


After logging in you will be prompted  to reset the default passwords for the admin and service accounts.


Note: This procedure changes the password for both admin and service accounts. If you already know the password and want to change:

  • Admin account:

    Settings > More Configuration.. > Manage Administration >
     select admin and click on reset password.
  • Service account:

    Settings > Service System 
    > click on change service password and Execute service action.


OR you can also use svc_service_password from an SSH session.