How to Configure NFS on Linux Host

Configuration of NFS on NetApp Clustered ONTAP

On NetApp Cluster.

  1. Verify NFS license are active on the cluster
  2. Create a SVM with NFS protocol enabled
  3. On the SVM create a NFS server
  4. On the SVM, configure a export policies and add a Rule for access
  5. Configure NFS server with the appropriate security settings
  6. Mount the exported resources from the client, by default the volume is mounted using default export policy.
  7. Verify and if needed Unmount and Mount again to make sure export policy is selected.

On Linux Client.

  1. Login to Linux client with root user
  2. Run command “showmount -e svm_datalif_ipaddress” to display the shares
  3. Make a directory as “mkdir /mnt/NFSvol
  4. Mount the volume to Linux client using “mount svm_datalif_ipaddress:/NFSvol /mnt/NFSvol
  5. Run “ls -l” to view the share
  6. To test write from linux use command echo “write test from linux” >> nfs.txt
  7. cat nfs.txt – to see the text in the file
  8. Use chmod to chagne permissions (sample #chmod 1754 NFSvol)