How to Setup OpenFiler on VMware

Below is the procedure to download and setup OpenFiler on VMware
This link takes you to OpenFiler website for downloading the ISO file.
Step 1 : verify the specification needed to setup
System Requirements
Here we are going to setup the OpenFiler on VMware Workstation.
below are minimum specification, use the configuration as per your requirements.
1. x86 or x64 based computer with at least 4 GB RAM and 100 GB storage for the OS image.
2. At least one supported network interface card
3.A CDROM or DVD-ROM drive if you are performing a local install
4. A supported disk controller with data drives attached.
Step 2: Setting up VMware 
Follow below steps to install “OpenFiler” on a VMware Workstation,
Create Virtual Machine under VMware Workstation
Select the Custom option and click Next.
 In the Hardware Compatibility box and select Workstation 15 & click Next. 
 Specify your “OpenFiler” ISO path in “Installer Disc Image file” & click next.
 Select Operating System as “Linux” & Version as “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64-bit” & click next.
 Assign name to your VM.
 In the Processor Configuration , select One processor & 1 Core and click Next.
 Select 2GB memory & click Next 
 Here I am using NAT as my network type.
 Select the LSI Logic SCSI adaptor and then click Next
 Select “Create a New Virtual Disk”
 Select disk type as “SCSI” & click Next.
Specify the disk size . This storage space will be used to install Openfiler. I am going to add one hard disk for my OpenFiler Server in next step for Additional storage & that will be used as a iSCSI storage
 Click Finish.
Step 3 : Powering ON OpenFiler VM
 Now turn on the VM. Press the Enter key to start the graphical installation process of OpenFiler.
 Click Next to continue.
 Click Yes to proceed.
 Accept the default option to Automatically Partition and then click Next to proceed further.
 Click yes to continue.
 Specify your host name & click next.
 Select your location by clicking the map
 Enter a password for the Root user account. (make note)
 Click Next to start the installation process.
 Once Openfiler has installed, click the Reboot button.
 You will see the login screen after openfiler reboot. Enter username as “root” & password which you specified during setup.
Login to the OpenFiler and start configuration of storage services such as NAS or IP SAN as per your needs.