NetBackup Practice Assessment – Set 3

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1. Which characteristic applies to a catalog backup?


2. Which statement describes how Catalog backups can be scheduled?


3. When is it most appropriate to use multiple data streams?


4. A volume is no longer used for backups if it is past its expiration data or has reached its maximum number of mounts.


5. By default, how often does NetBackup check for completed backups when determining if a duplication session should be started?


6. An image on a volume past its expiration date or has reached its maximum number of mounts is no longer available for restores.


7. When configuring a NBU-Catalog policy type, you must use a volume pool configured as a catalog backup pool.


8. The Activity Monitor shows a failed job. Which method is easiest to troubleshoot the error code?


9. To which VMware component does the backup host require direct access for SAN backups?


10. Which statement about VMware and Hyper-V backups is true in NetBackup?


11. What must be enabled for NetBackup Accelerator?


12. Which platform is unsupported as a platform for the VMware backup host?


13. Which statement about managing tape devices is correct in NetBackup?


14. When NetBackup makes more than one image copy simultaneously during the backup, it is called _____________.


15. What should be selected as the source in the BAR console for a restore of individual files backed up using a VMWare policy?


16. From where is the Cleanup Wizard for Instant Recovery launched?


17. Which is not a valid media state?


18. What does media sharing mean in NetBackup?


19. During a catalog backup, the NBDB and configuration files are backed up directly to the storage unit.


20. A storage lifecycle policy can be configured for which operations?


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