Windows Client Registration error on Cohesity

Cohesity Agent Registration Fails on Windows Host

After successfully the Cohesity Agent on Windows Host with Volume CBT enabled. Restart the server and if registration fails do the following to resolve this error:

  1. Ensure that the Cohesity agent is installed and running. In the Windows server, go to Services and check that the Cohesity Agent Service is running.
  2. Open the following ports on the Windows server and the firewall device if there’s one:
    • TCP port 50051 for registration and back up operations (incoming to Windows server)
    • SMB port 445 for restore operations (outgoing from Windows server)
  3. The Cohesity agent service login account should be:
    •  The Local System account
    •  A user that is a member of Local Administrators Group
In the Windows server, go to Services and locate the Cohesity Agent Service. Right click > Properties  > Log On.