How to Setup OpenFiler on VMware

Below is the procedure to download and setup OpenFiler on VMware Download Openfiler 2.99 This link takes you to OpenFiler website for downloading the ISO

Ports used in NetBackup

┬áPorts used by NetBackup   NetBackup default ports Service Port Description VERITAS_PBX 1556 Veritas Private Branch Exchange Service VNETD 13724 NetBackup Network service   NetBackup

MSDP Storage server config error (99)

MSDP Storage server config error – credentials already exist (99)   go the media server on which you encounter the issue and run below commands

How to remove MSDP from NetBackup

Remove NetBackup media server deduplication   Step 1 – Remove client deduplication: To disable client deduplication for a client 1. In the NetBackup Administration Console,

How to use the “vxlogview” command

To view unified log entries for a specific job ID The “-X <context_token>” option can be used to display unified log entries based on Job

How to add NetBackup License from Command Line

How to view and add NetBackup License keys using the command line The “bpminlicense” utility manages a NetBackup license file. The preferred method to manage

CommVault Best Practices – Naming Conventions

Every time I am at a client place for Deployment or Consulting on CommVault Platform, there is always a question on the Naming convention for

Nutanix Guest VM Not Booting

Nutanix CE Guest VM Not Booting After creating the VM if it gets hang at the SeaBIOS screen as below. Follow the procedure below to

Nutanix Health Check and Logs Collection

Below is the steps for performing NCC tool and log location / collection. NCC Health Checks & Logs collection AOS 5.1.x and Newer Log into