Storage Fundamentals

This post gives you an introduction to types of storage technologies and their usage. Storage Basics Data is a raw facts and conclusions are drawn

NetApp HCI Post Assessment

This is a NetApp HCI Training Post Assessment Please enter your email: 1. When does the cluster fullness error message appear?  when a volume is

Storage Fundamentals

This is a MCQ based assessment for Storage Fundamentals. Please enter your email: 1. HDD stands for  high disk drive  high digital drive  hard digital

list of Nutanix PowerShell CMDlets

Nutanix CMDlets Commands Nutanix has developed Nutanix cluster based commands list bundled in CMDlets light weight executable package that will be directly integrated with Windows

Nutanix AHV VM management commands

Below are few commands related to VM Management in AHV   Initiates a Guest level Reboot of the VMs : command: vm.guest_reboot Initiates a Guest

Basic NetBackup Commands

Below are few Basic NetBackup Commands that can help you get familiar with CLI Management of NetBackup environment.   Bpstuadd   bpstuadd – create NetBackup

Dell EMC Unity Resources & Useful Links

Below is the list the Dell EMC Unity model specification documents and where to locate them.   All-Flash and Hybrid Models Specification   Dell EMC

Dell EMC VNX Command Line Interface

The VNX for File Command Line Interface (CLI) is one of the most versatile VNX for File management tools. Most of the administrative tasks can

How to reset VNXe password

Description   Procedure to reset service password and admin password on VNXe.   Solution   Follow these steps to reset service password and admin password on VNXe.